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Providing Guidance and Support to Students from Marginalized Communities to Pursue Careers in Technology

As high school students, ChiCode's founders noticed the disparity between students’ involvement in tech based on their backgrounds and genders. In fact, only 24% of computing jobs are held by women. Recognizing these problems, our founders developed ChiCode to be a medium that introduces technical literacy to marginalized communities, enabling them to achieve success.

ChiCode aims to motivate students to explore the different aspects of technology. By setting up customized tutorials according to experience level, we hope to allow every student to learn at their own pace. Our mentors are motivated to help students learn in any way they feel comfortable through a low student-mentor ratio for more personalized guidance.



ChiCode has impacted over 300 students from around the world. ChiCode offers courses in Python, Java, Scratch, Slides Presentations, and Website Development.

We offer six courses in Python, Java, Scratch, and Google Slides. Our classes consist of engaging projects and exercises with customized guidance from mentors.



"This was the best course I've ever taken. The assignments were graded on time and feedback was always given."
-Intro to Slides, Jamaica

“I have tried many different platforms to learn Python and Java but ChiCode provides the best courses by far! I learned how to use methods to perform calculations in Java, how to communicate with the users through commands in Python, and much more!”
-Intro to Python and Intro to Java, USA


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