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Minia Clarke

Fall 2022 Team Feature! - Minia Clarke

Minia Clarke is one of our brightest officers. Recently, she has been appointed as Director of the Social Media Department. She is an outstanding collaborator who is constantly enthusiastic about her job. She makes every effort to bring the team together. She is a fantastic leader, and it is an honor to work with her.

My name is Minia Clarke and I am a 19 year old that attends the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. I was born and raised here and I have many goals in which I am pursuing. I'm now a law student at the aforementioned university, and my long-term goals are to become a real estate agent and an interior and exterior designer, who will have the ability to financially assist others. ChiCode has been a very welcoming community that aims at helping others in the field of technology. I like being a part of an initiative that strives to do this and assist those who are not capable of having access to certain things such as knowledge about technology. I hope in the future that this initiative will grow and extend its branches to various individuals across the world. I also hope that I will contribute significantly to this by continuing to provide engaging and educational content that will raise awareness of ChiCode and its objectives.

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